Through our long-standing partnerships with leading metal service centers, Kaiser’s products and experience are counted on for a wide variety of industrial end-market applications.


Kaiser’s aluminum products can be found in everything from the armor used in military vehicles and ordnance to manufacturing cells for semiconductors and electronic devices to aftermarket motor sports parts. Our aluminum is also used in the manufacture of tooling plate, parts for machinery and equipment, and all types of bolts, screws, nails or rivets. Many of these products must also stand up to the demands of further fabrication.


What do all these applications have in common? The need for high-quality aluminum that delivers superior machinability, structural strength, and often critical mechanical or ballistic properties.


Working with our partners and their customers, Kaiser offers the experience and know how to deliver products that are engineered to consistently improve throughput, reduce waste and help save on production costs. From KaiserSelect® General Engineering Plate and KaiserSelect® SEMIK Plate for semiconductor manufacturing to KaiserSelect® Precision Rod and KaiserSelect® Manifold Bar, our products have proven superior in application after application.


Product Offerings

Plate and Sheet

Rod and Bar

Seamless and Structural Extruded Tube

Cold Finished Rod and Bar

Standard Shapes

why Kaiser?

  • Brand recognized for quality, performance and integrity
  • Differentiated KaiserSelect® quality
  • Broad product offering
  • Commitment and infrastructure to support national service centers

where’s Kaiser?

Tooling Plate

Semi-conductor vacuum chambers

Armored vehicles

Parts from KaiserSelect® Precision Rod

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